Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NY Devon Breeders from American Devon Record

Hello everyone. Yes, a while since I posted again. Winter. That cruel cold word brings more chores in the beginning. Just starting to get into the swing of winter chores. I will actually have more time to post after this holiday stuff.

Lawrence Gilley has been doing quite a bit of posting of Milking Devon historical stuff on his personal page and on the Milking Devon web site. Below is a post he sent me back in the beginning of November to include on the Blog...

I have prepared a list of Devon breeders in New York State from the registrations recorded in volumes one and two of the American Devon Record and arranged them by county.

The columns of figures are for:
bulls in vol I;
bulls in vol II;
cows in vol I;
cows in vol II.

There are 198 breeders in total.
There are 144 breeders in volume I.
There are 88 breeders in volume II.
Although volume I is dated 1881, it covers quite a few years before its publication date.

You can retrieve the list at: --

I will try to get up to date on other postings of historical stuff over the next couple of days. We shall see.


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