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old NY Kerry Breeders and other bits

Here is the list of NY Kerry Cattle Breeders and some of my notes. This is a note I found on the desk under my Dairy Plant Reports that I need to file (and some to mail). If anyone has information on any of these people, let me know. I'd love to fill in some of the blanks. I'll give you the credit...

G.M. Carnochan - NY,NY
Whitelaw Reid - Purchase, NY ~Tribune Editor~ Had a neice nammed Ella?
F.E. Stevens - Glens Falls, NY ~I've included a lot on him. Still looking for his cattle. Did grab Dutch Belted herdbooks from UMASS library. Copied his information. Would like photo and info on his Kerry Cattle.
W. Shriner - Hector, NY
F.S. Peer - Ithaca, NY ~importer
Herbert Livingston Satterlee - NY, NY ~lawyer. wife Louis. His dob c. 1863 in NYC. Lived on E. 36th Street in Manhattan.
Robert R. Street - Falconer, NY
Orin G. Predmore - Valois, NY ~Ovid, Seneca County. 1930 census lived on Rock River Road. Farmer. #farm schedule 83. 1920 census Hector township.
Henry Ambler - Chatham, NY ~not in herd book. Was noted as having one of the largest NY herds. Also had Jersey cattle. House is currently a restaraunt.

Also noted is a CA breeder F.J. Rodgers - San Francisco, CA >1910. He bought a lot of cattle as noted in the transfers of cattle.

Anyone have info about the Elmendorf sale of Kerry Cattle? Rumor has it the Peerless herd may have some of them. Also Charles Plumb noted a number of unregistered herds in MN and MO. Anyone remember any old ag publications from those regions that may have noted herds or know of "Irish Districts" in those states where they may have been.

Neither Ohio State nor UMASS Amherst has information on their herds. I have more on Ohio State only because I have the herdbook and bulletin. The only possible note about the UMASS cows is the mention of Black Cattle in an old TB/Brucellosis testing paper found by Special Archives there.

Charles Plumb by the way went to Stockbridge School of Agriculture. He seems to have been there when they had the Kerry Cattle (Stockbridge is a college at UMASS, Amherst). That may have been where he developed a love for this breed. I went there as well...


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Devon Breeders in NY State 1881-82
Data from the American Devon Record, vol 1 and vol 2

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