Tuesday, February 19, 2008

North Oaks Farm

It is about time I put some of Patti Adam's research on this blog. She is the one to draw my attention to North Oaks Farm and James J. Hill.

Below are some of the links to information about him. He never registered any of his Kerry cattle with the American Association. Charles Plumb did note MN and MO breeders of notable Kerry cattle and they do not show up in the herd book or bulletins. Mr. Hill also had a number of other breeds of cattle.


There is also a book on Google Books called "Lessons of My Farm" from 1862. She sent me scans of pages of interest that suggested a link to the Alderney Cattle in the development of Irish breeds. It is in word and I will try to convert to a format the blog likes. That or I will go back and find it and provide to the link.


Blogger pen said...

The link in this post is no longer available with the James J. Hill Reference Library. The collection has been moved to the Minnesota Historical Society. Please consult their web site and update your link if possible.

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