Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FE Stevens

Glens Falls, NY.
That is about the only info that I have on this guy to date. He was a breeder of Kerry cattle before the start of the registry in 1911.

A spot on a historical society web site says, "Stevens St.- This street was laid out and named by FE Stevens, who lives on the County Line Rd. between Hudson Falls and Sanford Ridge, & who is well known here since he has delivered milk in this city fro more than 60 years. Mr. Stevens bought property around the site of the street & developed it during the 90's, building most of the houses."

I also know that he showed Kerry cattle at the NY State Fair. Transfers of Kerry Cattle suggest that he sold individuals within NY State. I am curious to see what happened to his animals.

The historical society up there did email to day to say they found a lot of information on him. I had to pay $20, but I am eager to see what they came up with.


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