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1. This organization shall be called the American Kerry and Dexter Cattle Club.
2. The membership fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00). State Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations shall be regarded as honorary members, without voting privileges, but with membership fees.
3. The purpose of thsi club shall be to promote the breeding of pure bred Kerry or Dexter cattle in America, by dissemination of information concerning these cattle; keeping a record of registration and transfer of individual pure bred animals; publishing a herd registry or other information of importance; and protecting the integrity of Kerry and Dexter pedigrees in America so far as possible.
Foundation Stock
4. (a) Any animal imported from Ireland or England up to January 1st, 1912, from ancestry in the Royal Dublin Society's Kerry and Dexter herd Book or in the English Kerry and Dexter Cattle Society Herd Book, by which a connected registration record may be shown. (b) Also up to January 1st, 1912, any animal of Kerry or Dexter breeding, from unregistered ancestry in America, that properly certified evidence shows to have come or descended from stock of pure Kerry or Dexter breeding, imported from Ireland or England. (c) Also, up to January 1st, 1912, of any animal imported from Ireland or England of Kerry or Dexter breeding, of which certified evidence is given, yet not from registered ancestry.
Perdigree Stock
5. After January 1st, 1912, no cattle shall be registered by this Club, excepting those of registered ancestry in America and those imported, that are registered in the Royal Dublin or English Kerry and Dexter Societies books. To be eligible for registry by this Club, the sire and dam must have been registered and made a matter or record on the books.
Registration and Transfer.
6. Kerry Cattle will be kept classified by themselves, and Dexter cattle likewise, each forming an independent group. The product of a cross of Kerry and Dexter blood shall be regarded as a cross bred and ineligible for registration.
7. Printed forms for registration and transfer will be furnished by the Secretary free of charge. All applications by Government certificates of importation and certificates from the Secretary of either the Royal Dublin or English registry societies, unless as provided for under Foundation Stock.
Registry and Transfer Fees.
8. The regular fee for registration to members of the Club shall be one dollar ($1.00). Non-member's fee of two dollars ($2.00). All registrations of cattle calved after January 1st, 1912, shall be made within 365 days of calving, or be subjected to an excess penalty for registration of five dollars additional to the usual fee.
9. The transfer fee for members shall be trenty-five cents, for non-members, fifty cents, and the seller shall pay cost of transfer certificate, and furnish the same to buyer unless otherwise agreed upon. All fees for transfer will be doubled, if delay filing witht he Secretary over 90 days following the sale.
10. The Secretary is directed to issue no certificates or transfers until payments for the same have been recieved at the office of the Club. Exceptions to thei rule, however, may be made in the case of State or Governmnet Institutions, where authority to furnish registry certificate or transfer has been officially made.
11. This Club shall publish from time to time, as funds may permit, a herd register, and any literature of an educational character that will aid in placing the merits of Kerry and Dexter before the public.


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