Friday, August 11, 2006

Conversations Start It All

Well, I have talked to people in Ireland, New Hampshire, New York, Deleware, Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Maryland, Iowa... Everyone has something to contribute to the history of these great animals.

I admit that I am a complete breed nerd. I love researching and obsessing about pedigrees, old breeders and the development of breeds. Lately it is the Kerry cow. I cannot leave it to just Kerry cows. Milking Devons, Dexters, Abondance.... they are all great breeds that have histories in their native country as well as ours.

Most people ask me to relate this research back to them. Obviously parts of some or all conversations have to be kept to my notebook. I plan to put as much of the other information into this blog. I was going to have this a part of my web site, but I like the interactive nature of this blog. I think that people can contribute something to each of these posts. Well, at least I hope that they can.

So far, I have come up with a bit about the history of the Kerry and Dexter up to about 1921. That is incomplete and pretty much missing for the Kerry breed. I have also developed an appreciation for C.S. Plumb. I only wish that he was my professor in college. I really liked the stuff that he has written. A very prolific publisher of agricultural books.

Well, on to adding to this history of the breeds in the US. ..


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