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History of Kerry Dexter Cattle Club in US to 1921


For some years a number of herds of Kerry and Dexter Cattle have existed in America. Finally the interest in these breeds developed to such an extent that an organization to promote their interests and care for their registration and transfer was thought a necessity. During the year 1910, Prof. C.S. Plumb, of the Ohio State University, sought by correspondence to ascertain something of the ownership and size of Kerry and Dexter herds in America, and addressed letters to every person of whom he could learn owning these cattle. Less than 20 herds were located, but some of these were large and were actively engaged in development. In response to the request for views on forming an organization, the sentiment was very much in favor of doing this.

It was not thought expedient to have a called meeting, owing to the small number of persons owning these cattle, and their wide distribution over the country. Consequently those breeders interested, effected an organization by means of correspondence and a mail vote. A temporary list of officers necessary for the transaction of business was suggested and these were balloted on by mail, in July, 1911, with the following results:
President – G.M. Carnochan, New York City, New York.
Vice President – C.H. Berryman, Mgr. Elmendorf Farm, Lexington, KY
Secretary-Treasurer – C.S. Plumb, Columbus, Ohio.
Executive Committee – G.M. Carnochan, C.H. Berryman, C.S. Plumb, Maurice Molloy, Agt. Castlegould, Port Washington, New York; and B. Nason Hamlin, Boston, Mass.

These officers were elected to serve until the membership could be represented in regular meeting at some future time, when conditions would permit a more formal organization. At the time of the election of officers, Articles of Association were adopted by mail vote, which will be found on page 17.

A feature of publicity regarding Kerry and Dexter Cattle was undertaken by the secretary, in publishing bulletins from time to time, containing material of interest concerning these breeds, as well as answering inquires from correspondents. Up to November 1920, nine bulletins of uniform character, were published. Bulletin No. 1 is dated October, 1911 and Bulletin No. 9 is dated November, 1920. These have been more or less freely distributed and should have served a useful purpose. It is unfortunate that funds have never been available for promoting these breeds into greater publicity.

Just what the future of the Club is to be remains to be seen. Present conditions cannot long continue. An official organization and election of officers must take place through a cooperative movement of the breeders, otherwise the present so-called Club must go out of existence. The one now acting as secretary feels that with the publication of this herd book, he has about completed his task, and that some one else should now assume responsibility of the office. Careful records have been kept of all registrations and transfers, and a cash book in detail shows the financial transactions of the Club. All records are in shape to be placed in other hands that may be willing to look after Kerry and Dexter interests in America.



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It's nice to see someone that shares the same historical appreciation of breeds as I do.

Keep up the good work!

Richard ~

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You can add more to this if you want. I have piles and piles of photos and data that I'm hoping to include. More the merrier...

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